Observation of psychoactive substance consumption: methods and results of the French OPPIDUM programme

Publié le 1 janvier 2003

Thirion et al., European Addiction Research, 2001

  • Titre traduit : Observation des consommations de substance psychoactive : méthodes et résultats du programme français OPPIDUM
  • Auteurs : X. Thirion, J. Micallef, K. Barrau, S. Djezzar, J.-L. San Marco, G. Lagier
  • Résumé : This study presents a French programme designed to observe and evaluate psychoactive substance dependence and abuse. Annual surveys lasting 4 weeks are performed with drug users in drug centres. Its usefulness is discussed using examples from the study: potential for antidepressant dependence (amineptine), monitoring benzodiazepine use and consumption associated with maintenance treatments. Flunitrazepam is the most consumed benzodiazepine and often got by deal (29%). There are important differences between buprenorphine consumption in a maintenance treatment context (9/10) and beyond this context (1/10). The main methodology problems encountered are representativeness and validity of data. The limits of the programme and its role in the French health care system are discussed.
  • Référence : European Addiction Research 2001 Mar;7(1):32-6.
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