Second Meeting of the French CEIP. Part II: Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Publié le 9 septembre 2011

Authier et al., Thérapie, 2009

  • Titre traduit : Seconde réunion des CEIP. 2e partie. L’arrêt des benzodiazépines.
  • Auteurs : N. Authier, A. Boucher, D. Lamaison, P.-M. Llorca, J. Descotes, A. Eschalier.
  • Résumé : The aim of this meeting was to describe the news trends about abuse and addiction of anxiolytics and hypnotics. The part II of this meeting reviewed several aspects of the withdrawing benzodiazepines focusing in particular on clinical symptoms, biological patterns, and strategies for disconstinuation. The discontinuation is usually beneficial due to the importance of adverse effects induced by long-terme use of benzodiazepines. Several clinicals options have been described including gradual tapering of the current benzodiazepine, substitution with a long acting benzodiazepines or treating the symptoms of withdrawal. Psychological interventions range from a simple support through counselling to expert cognitive-behavioural therapy. However more controlled clinical trials are needed to promote adequate and optimal patient care in management of benzodiazepine withdrawing.
  • Référence : Thérapie 2009 Nov-Dec;64(6):365-70.
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