Benzodiazepines Consumption: Does Dependence Vary with Age?

Publié le 14 avril 2017

Gerardin et al., Substance Use & Misuse, 2014

  • Auteurs : M. Gerardin, C. Victorri-Vigneau, M. Guerlais, M. Guillou-Landreat, M. Grall-Bronnec, P. Jolliet
  • Revue : [Substance Use & Misuse]
  • Résumé : We have compared two groups of chronic benzodiazepines (or zolpidem/zopiclone) users: “Seniors,” aged 65 years or more, and “Adults,” aged less than 65 years. The study took place in the Pays de Loire region. The questionnaire assesses dependence based on items from the DSM-IV. The analysis was based on 176 Senior questionnaires and 212 Adult questionnaires.
    Whereas Senior patients take benzodiazepines routinely with little negative consequences, Adults suffer from underlying psychological trouble, mention a higher consumption than planned, which causes negative consequences. 35.2% of Seniors are dependent on benzodiazepines versus 49.8% of Adults.
  • Référence : Substance Use & Misuse, 49:1417–1425, 2014
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