Early signal of diverted use of tropicamide eye drops in France

Publié le 14 avril 2017

Ponté et al., British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2017

  • Titre traduit : Signaux précoces d’usage détourné de collyre à base de tropicamide
  • Auteurs : C. Ponté, C. Pi, A. Palmaro, E. Jouanjus, M. Lapeyre-Mestre, on behalf of the French Addictovigilance Network
  • Résumé : AIMS : Tropicamide is a mydriatic drug used as eye-drops for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. From 2013, a diverted use by intravenous route has been suspected in Eastern Europe in opioids users. To date, no signal of misuse has been identified in France. The aims of this study were to investigate any early signals of a diverted use of tropicamide eye drops and to collect information regarding motives for the misuse and tropicamide-induced effects.
    METHODS : Information was obtained at three levels: (1) at regional level (Midi-Pyrénées area), from reimbursement data and pharmacists’ reports on suspicious requests; (2) at national level: from reimbursement data and prescriptions suggesting possible abuse from the OSIAP (Ordonnances Suspectes, Indicateur d’Abus Possible) survey; and (3) at international level: from VigiBase® reports and Web sources. Beta-blocker eye-drops were used as comparators.
    RESULTS : In France, in 2014–2015, 17 (0.91%, 95% CI [0.53–1.46%]) falsified prescriptions involving tropicamide were identified in the OSIAP survey (compared with 0%, 95% CI [0–0.19%] for beta-blockers). Moreover, 37 other suspicious prescriptions were presented in 2015 (notified in 2016). In Midi-Pyrénées, seven patients aged 35–49 were reimbursed for 19–45 vials of 10 ml, in a year. Since September 2014, the regional Addictovigilance Centre has received 91 notifications of suspicious requests to obtain tropicamide. In VigiBase®, two cases were identified but none in France. An increased interest in tropicamide-related Internet searches was observed from Russia and Ukraine.
    CONCLUSIONS : These results represent the first early warnings of a tropicamide diverted use in France. Tropicamide abusers would seek euphoria or hallucinations. The high doses involved in intravenous administration could lead to serious complications.
  • Référence : Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 Feb 27. doi: 10.1111/bcp.13272.
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